Welcome to Ailsa Abraham’s Web Page.

From my home in rural France, the little village under the mountain, an hour from everywhere, I’ll be updating you on my writing, quirky things that happen here and welcoming other authors into the Bingergread Cottage. It’s called that because it’s an upside-down house (more space up than down) and so the reverse of the usual witch’s dwelling.

LilyDip into the liquorice all-sorts box and see what you come up with. Shamanism, healing, writing or any of my other varied interests? You’ll probably get to meet my small terrier Lily and the Old Feller himself, The Ancient Mariner. 2015-04-18 10.16.41Don’t forget to come back regularly to check for competitions, special offers, free short stories and work in progress.

If you are wondering…why the otters? Well they are one of my totem animals and my Shaman name is Otter, Ottie to my friends. Watch out for lots of pictures of them in this blog.

thor and freya

These are my friends Thor and Freya.