Never on a Saturday

The weather has turned so cold these days that the magic carpet has gone into the garage for the winter. I’ve whisked over today’s guest, my friend, co-author, and Crooked Cat editor, Sue Barnard by other magical means. We’re cozy in my kitchen, tucking into tea and cake, while Lilydog makes a fuss of one … More Never on a Saturday


eugene_delacroix_-la_liberte_guidant_le_peuple [COUNTABLE] a sudden or major change, especially in ideas or methods Last year I came up with the idea of “wisholutions” to avoid the feeling of remorse when breaking “resolutions”. Now I’ve changed my mind again and decided that “wisholutions” are wishy-washy. Do or not do, there is no “try”.  To this end, I … More New Year’s REVOLUTION

Last try…

There had been some changes in the Boardroom. The Director, disgusted with the way his Creation had gone, had decided to take an era off. In his place, a Management Team had taken over, and they called an extraordinary meeting at the end of 2015 to try to find a solution to the problems, perhaps … More Last try…

Must avoid…..

That is the Solstice over and as far as I’m concerned the next year has started. It’s traditional to look back and compare, rejoice and/or weep. OK, to be fair 2016 wasn’t exactly the worst year I’ve had in my life, in that I didn’t end up in hospital, and still have all the bits … More Must avoid…..

A Midnight Clear

Bobby’s family ran an old-fashioned farm. They had worried about going out of business but with the renewed interest in animal-welfare and natural products, they were becoming very popular again with customers flocking to their farm shop. Like any farm-kid Bobby helped out as much as he could after school and at weekends. He loved … More A Midnight Clear