Healing (part 1)

I’ve been asked about healing and I suppose the best way to tell you is to explain how I got into it.

Like most other things in the Craft, it begins instinctively.  One just knows what to do, even if one has very little idea of what kind of energies are involved or how to handle them. I remember very vividly the first time I did this. My mother was complaining of a blinding headache and I took her head in my nine-year-old hands and asked the pain to go away. Mother (no mean witch herself) wasn’t too surprised as I’d already demonstrated that I had “The Sight” at a much earlier age.

Just like other aspects of witchery also, the temptation is to run around playing “Let’s heal the world” willy-nilly. This is, of course, a very bad idea. It took me a long time and a great deal of training to learn two things (not that I’m a very slow learner, it’s just that they are counter-intuitive messages)

Number One – not everyone needs to be healed. Some people are suffering in order to learn. Some others are being punished for reckless, foolish behaviour or bad decisions. The gods may need them to suffer to change destructive ways of leading their lives, and I’m not just talking about smoking and drinking. Often the site of the pain can give a skilled healer an insight into what is wrong with a person psychically. A person suffering from persistent sore throats may be bottling up something that needs to be said. Someone with sore knees or back with no obvious physical cause may be literally buckling under the strain of the loads they are carrying for other people. Many times people don’t need a healer, they need a friend, so a long chat over a cup of tea with someone they trust, who is not going to blab their private matters to all and sundry is what they need to lift the burden. Yes, this is also known as “headology” and I always use this first.

Number Two – when healing, the energy comes from without and the healer is a conduit. This is why it is always VITAL to prepare for any healing by centering and grounding and then asking Spirit (even my friends the Quaker healers agree with me on this) to work through you, if it is in the patient’s best interest so to do. If the healer tries to use their own energies to force the bad vibrations out of the patient, they quickly become exhausted and open themselves up to taking on whatever ill into themselves. This is also why it is essential to place the hands under running water after a healing session. It may be only symbolic washing but it reinforces the mantra “I take none of this on myself”.

Finally (for this post) I made a lot mistakes and although I didn’t kill anyone, I made myself very ill in trying to help others which is bad news because healers can never work their stuff on themselves.

In my next post I’ll outline how and where I got training and learned to channel my energies properly.

Blessed be.


3 thoughts on “Healing (part 1)

  1. Thanks for this Ailsa, good to know — I seem to practise headology naturally — have many a long cup of tea with friends and family :)). I like the fact you have to ground yourself and ask Spirit to work through you too — this hadn’t occured to me. Heck, a lot of things haven’t occured to me :). Looking forward to Part II!

    1. Well as I said – when you’re working instinctively, you usually get results but you’re doing it the wrong way and not protecting yourself. That way the only person who is going to suffer is you! I had to work long and hard on this – which I will explain in Part Two

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