Before I go anywhere else with this, I must express my thanks to the people all over the world who have been sending their healing wishes to me following an operation.  My recuperation is going faster than we could ever have hoped for and I’m in no pain.

I’m convinced that this is down to wonderful friends like Deb in Missourit, Cait in the UK, Jesa, Muriel and the Quaker Distance Healing Group and others who wouldn’t want to be mentioned. Thank you all. It was the best present I could have wished for.

Long ago I used to worry about what we were celebrating and then I grew up. It doesn’t matter a squit if you want to wish Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas or Yule Blessings, it means the same – it’s a wish for me to be happy and joyful. I’ll take them in anyone’s language.

Other Half being a self-proclaimed atheist, believing in nothing but treating people properly (which is better than a lot of “religious” people I know) we now make an extended celebration, starting with Solstice and carrying on through to the New Year. No we don’t get off our faces every night but we have a  few little treats every day. So there’s no big day to work up to and end up with one person frazzled while everyone else guzzles. As my Quaker friends say – no day is any holier than the rest. We’ll have something a bit special on the Solstice Night and we’ll turn out all the lights to sit in the dark for a few minutes, reflecting on how much we need the sun to return, how dependent we are on Him. Then, one by one, the candles will be lit and a lamp carried all around the house to bring it back to life. This is symbolic but represents our joy at the days starting to lengthen again.

Wiccans and Christians both celebrate the birth of a holy child – we are very pragmatic these days and just bop around a bit because there will be a harvest next year, the cold won’t last and the seasons are turning as they should, indoors and out. I’ll make sure the birds in the garden have an extra ration of fat and seeds which we do all winter and the spoilt hounds will get to yaffle up anything lefover.

Many people don’t like Christmas for their own reasons – I can agree in many ways. I hate the commerce-fest that it has become. What matters is the sharing and hope … it doesn’t have to be Christmas. If you get in the habit, it can happen all year around.

Whatever you celebrate (or don’t) please accept our best wishes with love from all at the Witch’s Cottage.

Father Holly

5 thoughts on “Yule

  1. Solstice, Winter, Christmas, Hanukkah & New Year blessings to you and OH, we’ll celebrate anything too. It’s been a real pleasure to “meet” you this year, looking forward to a long friendship xx

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