The Cowardly Veggie

No publicity today, just a little chat on eating habits. Yesterday we celebrated our Solstice with a feast…we would have done the “bringing back the light” ceremony but a certain ancient Badger couldn’t keep still in the dark and kept fiddling with things, broke my concentration and the energies just left. No worries, it all happens for a reason and as the Priestess in this house, I should have carried the light into every room. However, I’m still unable to walk properly following my operation so perhaps the spirits were telling me not to do it. Maybe it was better NOT done than performed by someone who is not really a walker of this path.

So, on to our feast. We had Pork Orloff; Yes, meat. Although my instincts are to be vegetarian, I live with a dedicated and proselytizing carnivore and my principles have been worn down over the years. So, whenever I can avoid meat, I do. This often means skipping meals but that really doesn’t bother me. Most people in the Western world eat far too much anyway.

I’ve had endless discussions on this subject with pagans, Buddhists and other friends but we don’t seem to come to agreement. There appear to be three distinct schools of thought if you follow the path of Nature.

1 Your body is designed as a carnivore, as long as you take only what you need and keep your totem animals sacred (deer for the Wiccans for example) that is fine. Give thanks to the animal and revere it’s spirit, eat with a sense of reverence.

2 Follow your spirit guide and power animal – hmm, My Shaman name is Otter and otters are carnivores. My raven was a carnivore. Perhaps I’m supposed to live on fish … or the diet of my other guides … tricky (I’m not fond of fish)

3 If you revere Nature you cannot possibly eat your fellow creatures. OK but in nature carnivores eat herbivores and animals fall into hunter and prey types.

Could you, really? Could you honestly?

So I eat meat when I have to, avoid any totem animals (I would rather starve than eat horse, dog, cat, otter… oh face it, I really can’t bear it when I see the live ones) and feel guilty. One day I might find the strength to stick to my guns and work out a different arrangement.

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