The 12 days of Christmas – Day Two – Love

12days The snow had gone, but it was bitterly cold. The humans were wrapped up in layers of fur. The female that brought her dogs down to the river every morning was unrecogizable in her hat, gloves, thick coat and boots.. Otter looked at her and wondered how she moved.

The big male that had slid down the snow with her had stayed – nights like this with the frost making everything beautifully  sparkling but nipping on the snout, picking on the paws… it was better to curl up together. Otter snuggled up against him and shared his warmth, glad of the heat he gave off, not aware of his body, sliding shyly into hers. His paws held her close. Their snouts touched.  When she opened her eyes,  his were the first thing she saw.

They lay quiet, only the passing mole waving a paw at them.. the human hunters letting off their bang machines ….. it didn’t matter. Otter held her mate closer. Nothing would ever stop this warmth. His forepaws held her close – her tummy started to blossom, filling out. The human with the dogs walked past every day but they ignored her.

All that mattered was staying warm, staying snuggled, staying in each others’ heat for the rest of time.

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2 thoughts on “The 12 days of Christmas – Day Two – Love

  1. These otters are squeezing my heart – you’ve captured them so beautifully and with such an innocent voice. I’m nervous for what might lie in store with all these dogs and hunters about :-s

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