12 Days of Christmas – Flowers

12days For two moons, Otter would have to stay underground with her new cubs but her friends came to keep her company. This was a time of reflection. Each morning, Otter would clean out the holt and look at the year unfolding.  Her own talents as a Bard began to stretch and grow as the leaves and flowers danced in the breeze. She felt  new sap  moving in her own spirit too.

One evening, farmcat trotted quickly across the field, a kitten dangling limply from her mouth. Silently, she lay the lifeless form at the entrance to the holt and Otter’s heart went out to her. She looked at her own cubs, growing each day, suckling enthusiastically and becoming stronger. One long, swimmer’s paw shot out and dragged the bundle of damp fur in with her. Gently placing it amongst her cubs, Otter watched the light spark of their vitality playing around them and she sang. Otter sang as she never had before, entreating the Moon, the Mother, to share that force back to the dead kitten. Sending part of herself to her friend’s horribly-still baby, pushing with her paws, she nestled it into her belly, forcing her teat into its mouth. Her cubs snuggled up, sharing their warmth and nudging with their noses as if they understood their mother’s desire to save it.

Slowly, the dark lines around the tiny creature disappeared and a silver glow of moonlight gleamed from its eyes. The tiny mouth opened, a weak mew came out and it latched onto her teat. Farmcat’s plaintive meowing ceased and her head poked into the holt entrance, yellow eyes like jewels, so wide were they with surprise.

That night, as the moon rode in the cloudy sky, Otter nursed her own brood and the sickly kitten. In the morning the field around the holt was filled with golden cowslips A passing rabbit had left a pile of wilting dandelion leaves, the half-chewed slug must have been from hedgehog. hawk dropped more food from her perch. Dog Otter sat proudly a few feet away, guarding the fish he had brought for her breakfast but not coming too close to the precious cubs.

Otter raised her snout to the rising sun as He appeared over the hill. From the gathered creatures, a song of gratitude and praise lifted to the sky and all the flowers danced for joy. Kitten was saved and Otter was now a Healer.


8 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas – Flowers

  1. Otter’s journey, both worldly and spiritual, is a joy to read. Thank you so much for sharing the Otter chronicles with us!

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