The 12 Days of Christmas – Sun

12daysDays grew longer and the sun was warm. Otter’s mate returned to the holt and took his turns guarding the pups while Otter swam in the river. Their friends came to join them, and, relieved of her maternal duties, Otter could concentrate on her studies as a Bard and healer. Late one evening she played with the fox cubs and farmcats kittens, even the sheepdog’s puppies and put her head back to look at the sky. The moon was peeping from behind the tower and Otter was struck by a thought. “Cat … how do you see the Mother?’ Cat licked thoughtfully at a paw and said “Like me, her eye is the Moon, she watches us.” Looking around her friends, Otter realised that their eyes were nearly the same. She switchbacked down to the riverbank and called “Frog, Frog, come and look at me!” His globular eyes blinked at her and she thought ” Yes, even Frog has Moon-eyes!”

Leaning over the bank, she peered into that water and saw her own face, reflected back, with the moon behind her. Eyes, like globes in the sky.

“We are all the Mother!” She Shrieked. “All of us, her children – we have her eyes’. The other animals stared at her and then started to dance. Frog hopped high in the air, holding paws with farmcat, the puppies turned somersaults and threw the otter pups on their backs.

We are ALL her kind ……… a mad frenzy of rejoicing, the animals cavorted about in the moonlight and then fell in a heap, panting and laughing. So THAT was why they could come together for the solstice and equinox … all the Mother’s children coming together for a party.

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