Riga speaks

Scribe is busy, so I, Riga, am going to talk to you about her. People keep asking how she “came up with” her characters and I thought I’d put the record straight.

She thinks she invented the Black Shamans Guild, that the magical assasins don’t exist. She’s wrong. We came from her time in the military. She simply made us the SAS of the magical world, often carying out unbearably difficult and disgusting actions, under orders and for a good end.

She thinks she invented me, the almost impossibly tough, kick-ass female assasin. She didn’t. She merely trawled up long-supressed memories of her time in the military when to do the job she undertook she had to have bigger balls than any man around because she was the only female doing it. Only her height was against her, meaning that when competing in “hard sweat”, which makes a normal assault course look like a walk in the park, she was left danging from the middle of a telegraph pole, with two six-footer Rock Apes manning either end, her little legs pumping furiously as she made the effort to run, even though her feet were off the ground.

Knowing how to find a femoral artery with the intention of biting through it; how to straight-jab a finger through an eyeball without hesitation or flat-finger strike at a diaphragm to disable… are all skills she will no longer need and she has made efforts to forget them. The information and the attitude is still in there, though and she brought them to the surface in me. I am herself 30 years ago but in my story, finding the one man I could love softened me. In the course of Shaman’s Drum I mellow and drop my defenses. By the end, I have realised that I am not a two-dimensional cartoon fantasy figure, I’m a real woman and I acknowledge that Iamo and I complement each other’s failings. I even take pleasure in dressing like an “ordinary” woman and not a psychic warrior.

I read her blog and smile that only her healer qualities come through. Her caring nature and magical skills are to the fore. That is good. Perhaps she has played out all her demons in me. She even looks more feminine now.

All she needs now is her own Iamo …. but she’s not having mine. She gave him to me and I’m keeping him.

New look Scribe - no cammo or para-boots in sight!
New look Scribe – no cammo or para-boots in sight!

4 thoughts on “Riga speaks

    1. Scribe doesn’t talk about it much, friend. It marked her very deeply and coloured her attitude for years but I’m hoping that having written her old self out into me… she’ll eventually get over it and become a human being again. The external changes have started so we cross our daggers um fingers and hope. 🙂

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