The Last Angel by Sarah P J White

The Last AngelNo! Don’t you dare go running away shouting “This isn’t Ailsa’s usual magic stuff!” It most certainly is! And remember that the word “angel” only means “messenger” so come back and listen because I am really delighted that  Sarah PJ White is coming on my blog. It’s so good to have visitors. Now – pull up a chair and tell me all about The Last Angel. Let me get you some tea or coffee and we can have a good old natter.

So what genre would you put it in, if you can – I hate having to pigeonhole my works, but broadly speaking – what???

The Last Angel is a fantasy novel, under a recently added category of Metaphysical and Visionary. Basically, this means it’s been written with a message at its core, designed to make the reader think and open their minds to an idea. Actually, The Last Angel has several messages within it, hidden amongst several layers.

Firstly there’s the obvious religious/faith element and understanding what these are to you; then there’s the elements related to hope and destiny – would you step up to yours, if you were confronted with it?

Finally, there’s friendship and family; what you would, and wouldn’t, do for your nearest and dearest.

It’d be great if readers can see that we all have these elements to deal with; and that understanding them is also part of the key to understanding our their own lives.

Can we have a bit of an idea of the plot, without giving away any spoilers?

The Last Angel is the first novel in The Account Trilogy. The first book follows Crystal, a young woman who, upon reaching the age of twenty-one, realizes she’s different. In looking for answers she discovers a range of human half-bloods including Flyahs, Healahs and Angels. Crystal also discovers she has a destiny to fulfill; to show the world that the Bible is a cover-up for the real, much more sinister story of the creation of Earth, heaven and hell – and why people keep disappearing.

The reality casts a light on the religious community, government etc, as well as who really is ‘in charge’. The Last Angel is about Crystal realizing the enormity of her task, the backlash it can cause, and how it can affect those closest to her – her friends and family – and ultimately, a chance to get her dad back.

What prompted you to write this, pure inspiration, an idea that had been simmering away on the stove for a while?

The idea started from an initial dream I had – and it just kept evolving and bugging me, until I started writing and outline for it!

Do you have a favourite character in this book and how would you spend a day with them?

My favourite character is Emily. I love her naivety and her devotion. I’d quite happily spend a day shopping with her – we both love 50’s style fashion. As I already know where her character is headed, I’d also share secrets with her about how important she is – she’ll be able to tell me a lot too…

Were any of your characters difficult to write? Who did you enjoy writing most?

There weren’t any characters that were difficult to write. They all came across with their own identities – my biggest problem was not to pour it all out too quickly! My favourite characters to write though were actually Frank and Mandy, as they’re so deliciously creepy and warped!

Are you like me? Do you ever get so moved, scared, amused etc when writing that you find you are laughing or crying? Have you ever changed anything because you thought it was just toooooo tooo much?

There were times when I’d have to bring myself back down to earth after writing, as I’d get so caught up in Crystal’s fight. There’s a particular scene between Emily and Mark that I hesitated about writing, as I wasn’t sure (as with any author) how much to reveal in a close romantic scene, but I think it came out right in the end. I think book two will be more of an issue – it will have a few more ups and downs emotionally speaking – oh and especially with the sex scenes!

Sarah PJ White 8x10 300dpiTell us a bit about yourself – how long have you been writing? What is your background? How does any of this help you in your work?

I’ve always had vivid dreams and a wild imagination. I was bought up in quite a religious household too and, once I left school I left home and rebelled against everything, so I guess this has impacted my writing quite a lot. It certainly made me self-sufficient and I have experienced life in its different guises. My life has had some very severe ups and downs – but I wouldn’t go back to change anything – going backwards is always a mistake and you can’t change what’s happened, so there’s no point focusing on it.

I’ve been writing since my late teens, but there was a big gap whilst I got on with life, motherhood and a varied career. I’ve always flitted from one job to another; life’s too short to stick with something you don’t enjoy. Now I’m married, settled and my daughter is independent, I can focus on carving out the career I should’ve been brave enough to do at the start – being a writer.

And finally, can we have a teaser? Give us an extract to whet our appetites.

This is the second chapter of book two – Angel Uprising:


It had been a week since the incident at the derelict paper mill. Crystal had been staying at Kitty’s, sharing her best friend Emily’s bed. Both Emily and her mother, Mel, had moved in two months before, after Mel had separated from her husband.

Are you ready?’ Emily stood behind the tripod; hand on the camcorder record button.

Do you really want to do this?’ She bit her bottom lip nervously. ‘Would it not be safer to continue with the audios?’

Crystal shook her head. ‘They’re telling everyone we’re false prophets, hiding behind anonymity. After their attack on us at the outhouses, we’re not really safe anywhere.’ She flicked a red and black strand of hair behind her shoulders. ‘Let’s do this.’

Emily hit the record button and focused the lens on Crystal, a full length shot of her sat on a plain white painted chair.

I am angel and this is an important announcement for the world at large. Those of you who have been listening to our messages know what lies ahead for you. I’m not saying the road ahead will be easy, but you will be free to be whoever you truly are, at the core of you.

I also have a message for those in government, politics and religion – especially people like Father Thomas and his disciples.’ She leant forward and rested her elbows on her legs, her chin on the knuckles of her cupped hands.

You attacked us the other day. You threw the first stone and then ran away. You say we hide behind anonymity; well I’m not going to hide anymore. And I’m not afraid, for I am ready. Are You?’ Crystal stood up and walked slowly and purposefully, closer to the camcorder, until her face filled the screen.

Staring directly into the camera lens, she slowly and menacingly uttered the next eight words. ‘I – am – that – angel – and – I – am – here.’”

And the important links – where can people buy your books / find you on the Internet?

It is available as both a kindle and paperback edition, on Amazon and Smashwords.

Amazon UK

Amazon US


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