A is for Abracadabra

A to Z


The one magic word that everybody knows. Does it work? No, of course it doesn’t.

Everyone has their own opinions and I feel that having a personal relationship with the spirits (fae/ deities/ saints/angels / whatever you wish to call them) is the most important part of working together.

Just as I would not dream of writing out a speech to read to my best friend, I speak what is in my mind. I concentrate my thoughts and very often my conversations with spirit take the form of feeling rather than spoken words. Images, sensations of what I would like to happen (a friend recovering from an illness or abusive relationship) are what I use most.

You can, of course, go on the Internet or buy books and find ready-written spells for all purposes plus a list of ingredients that will leave your local crystal shop owners rubbing their hands with glee. Having gone through a lifetime of this work, whatever I cannot find in Nature can be seen in in my mind’s eye or perhaps it is not even necessary.

Magic is emotion, channeled, controlled and visualised. No amount of reciting other people’s words (especially dum di dum doggerel which drives me mad) will make it work better. Saying what is in your heart, for me, is how it works best.

Are you a parent? Do you remember those glue-sodden, glitter-shedding, badly-drawn cards that your children brought home from school? Did they not touch your heart much more deeply than eye-wateringly expensive satin hearts that play a tune? Yes, I think they did. And I think Spirit feels the same.

12 thoughts on “A is for Abracadabra

  1. Morning fellow Aytozedder 🙂

    Nice post and I agree that ultimately magic must come from within, but I reckon that for someone just starting out something to help focus the emotion must be helpful – hence spoken spells. Like a mantra giving the body something to do while the mind and the spirit come together to get stuff done?

  2. Good point, Elin. A lot of things we use as we start out end up being left behind, but quite right. At least having a chant to get you through casting a circle in the beginning is a good idea. Excellent!

  3. Nail on the proverbial, or is that mystic, head. Continue to be fearless. I might have to hide in a cave and munter to myself, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be outside. Looking forward to Z!

  4. I agree with you in that real raw magic/workign with sprit is best done from the heart with a clear intent/mind.

    The problem with getting a clear intent mind, and working with spirit is that it does take honest to goodness work. “Before enlightenment, carry water. After enlightenment, carry water.” so to speak. A lot of folks get enamored by the surface level stuff of cool sounding chants, neat robes and sparkly crystals.

    Because its easier to buy the right ingredients to ‘cook up a spell’ than to actually do workings.

  5. Thank you all for your comments. Yes, I agree it takes a deal of time to get to the point when one can “switch” to Spirit immediately and have total faith that it will work. I should perhaps have included that. Yes, it is so easy to think that one can get here without the required effort.
    Pamela – come out of that cave now and stand next to me, I’m getting chilly out here!

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