B is for Bears (of the Teddy variety)

So what on earth do Bears have to do with magic?  Yes, I do mean teddy-bears, not big grizzly totem animal bears, they will come later on. I am talking about teddy bears.

Bears arA to Ze the first magic most of us come across as a child. Who didn’t hug their teddy and talk to them when they were angry or frightened? Who didn’t treat their teddy as a Fae friend without even knowing they were doing it?

It takes only a very little shape-shift to watch a teddy bear become its real self, yes, a real live helper. If you find a teddy that is lost and doesn’t have a person, they need love and attention but once they get that, they perk up, they find their name again and if you are very lucky, they find a new home which needs a new “protector”.  If not, well they have obviously decided to stay with you, which is what has happened to me. I am Mother Superior Giselda Goldenpaws of St Ursula’s Orphanage for Homeless Bears and here is a photo of some of the orphans who were dressed to attend the wedding of a business man and a buddhist lady.

Gift Bears

That’s what I do, you see. I’m a one-woman teddy bear recycling centre. It really is magical to see cuddly-one come back to life. The spark comes back into their eyes as I work a little gentle magic on them, fitting their new clothes and they look around. Maybe they even smile.

Finally, here is Baggy Bear who looks after my tarot cards for me and is an inveterate sock thief (he wears them as a hat, bless his little furry feet)


If you can’t believe any of this, then you probably can’t believe in magic, so close the door quietly as you leave, I don’t want you frightening the orphans. Thank you.

15 thoughts on “B is for Bears (of the Teddy variety)

  1. I’m so glad you agree, Helen. I think they are a little bit of everyday magic, which might be why so many grown-ups still hang on to them. Baggy is a backpack bear and minds my tarot, cloth etc when I’m not using them. He has a “job” now so is “most important bear.

  2. My teddy totally cured my toothache when I was eight.. okay I don’t have much of a set of gnashers left now.. but my ted knew that sweets were not the culprit and that it was just the bad fairy up to no good.. so I agree.. they are stuffed comfort blankets for the soul….

  3. I still have my ancient teddy, a veteran with threadbare fur, straw stuffing and a broken spring that used to be his ‘growl’. Wouldn’t be without the old chap.

      1. No claws as such. He has toes stitched on in thick black thread.

        I’m sorry to hear about Edbard. I’m glad you were able to give him a good send off.

  4. I have quite a collection and yes, homeless ones come to me, too. We have a very happy group. Bears and monkeys, and they all get along very well.

  5. aye, my daughter (middle twenties) still has the bear we got her as a baby, and recently when myself and the wife were having an off day, she went into the shop and brought me out the cutest little brown bear.

  6. I still have my panda bear my dad bought me for my 1st birthday. He is bald, has more mends than fabric, but I love him. I also now have a pusscat. He’s been with me through thick and thin for 25yrs. I won’t go away from home without him. This includes hospital stays! and he helps me sleep every night.
    Teddys are special. They imbue peace and love and care.

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