C is for Cauldron

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You cannot imagine a witch without her cauldron, can you?


Even Shakespeare’s famous three weird sisters in the “Scottish Play” (excuse me, being an ex-actress I am still superstitious about that name!) are seen stirring foul ingredients into a cauldron.


I’m dreadfully sorry but I’m going to have to disabuse you here. A cauldron is only a cooking pot, a large cooking pot with a big handle for hanging it over the open fire that burned in every kitchen (my kitchen still has the S hooks for this purpose) and three legs so that it can be left on a stone floor near the fire to simmer.


Back in the day when every village had its witch, wise woman, healer, she would brew up her herbal remedies and salves in…her cooking pot!  I still do, but with a brief nod at Health and Safety I have a special saucepan I picked up at a bric a brac market.  The herbs I grow in my garden are steeped in oil and made into salves or they are boiled up in water to make infusions. Natural oil and beeswax are the only other ingredients but they all go into my Le Creuset, 6”, wooden handled, cast iron … cauldron.


There is of course the hark-back to the “Cauldron of Cerridwen” of Celtic tradition. The Cauldron of Rebirth which has been revived in the Wiccan tradition. A dead hero, placed in the Goddess’ cooking pot would be reborn. Now, the sacred chalice, representing the womb of the goddess is referred to in ritual as “cauldron of Cerridwen” indicating that it is life-giving.


I hope that has given you a lot of great ideas to go and look up on the Internet but you’ll have to excuse me, I must dash …………. my cauldron is boiling over! Blessed be!

7 thoughts on “C is for Cauldron

  1. Nice post, Ailsa. Do you think my ‘jeelie’ pan counts? Just joking… It would certainly be big enough to cook a lot, but sadly doesn’t fit my ceramic hob very well!

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