D is for Demon

A to ZIn my novel “Shaman’s Drum” I introduce a Demon Prince. I thought you might like to make his acquaintance today. In this extract, he has imprisoned our hero, Iamo, and taunts him …



An unspeakable stench hit my senses so I looked up at the

small, barred window in the door. Before I saw him, I knew

who it was. The Demon Prince leered at me, gobbets of flesh

dropping from his lips as he chewed furiously. Without his

helmet, his hair was a writhing mass of grave-worms but his

eyes still cast that paralysing gloom that would make a mortal

walk straight into his deadly embrace.

He didn’t speak but just stared at me. .He licked his

lips salaciously, like a gourmet facing a banquet until I was in

no doubt of what was intended for me. The unblinking gaze

was unnerving and it was almost a relief when he spoke.

The last time we met, warlock, you were playing at being

an exorcist. Did that teach you nothing?” His voice was

mocking, dripping with contempt and loathing and he used

that word “warlock”, foresworn, outcast, and untouchable. It

still had the power to wound and enrage me..

It was no game. I beat you. We beat you.” I could hardly

speak for the dryness in my throat but he was willing me to

talk and I was unable to resist.

So what did you learn about us from studying them? Are

you now wise, Iamo?” He said my name softly, almost lovingly

which sent chills down my spine.

You were the tormentors of Hell. Unsaved souls were

yours to do with as you wished.” I could not help but reply.

Great Goddess, but I would have to learn to resist his taunts!

And the punishment always fitted the sin, did it not,

Brother?” He paused then a great bellow of laughter came

from him that shook the cell and filled it with his foul breath.

So imagine what punishment I can mete out to a fornicator!

Your sin with the Black bitch was great …so meditate on how

severe your chastisement will be.”

With that he left and I prayed. Prayed harder than I had ever done in my life.



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