E is for Energy

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Energy. That is all that magic is. We call it “Spirit” but if you want to be very factual, magic is the control and movement of energies both within and without ourselves.

Ask any scientist and they will tell you that energy is all around us, energy is given off by everything, animal, vegetable and mineral. All our functions are controlled by tiny impulses of energy inside our bodies.

Are you reading this? Well that is because your brain is sending pulses of energy to your eyes, up through a network of nerves, transposing the reverse image you had on your retina and then interpreting the squiggles… and you don’t call THAT magic???

Try this very simple exercise for yourself. The next time you are in a stressed situation such as standing in a supermarket queue next to a screaming toddler, a person who can’t find their purse or a shopper who keeps barging their trolley into your backside…ground that frustration energy.  The earth is very forgiving and can take back as well as give energy.

Take all your “get me out of this place” energy and send it down through your feet into the earth, like water draining down a plug hole. Then take a deep breath and suck up some really good positive energy from the earth, imagine a nature scene that pleases you: flowers, a field in summer, a riverside walk, listening to birdsong… and let that positive energy flow upwards.  Feel better? That’s witchcraft! If you get really good at it you can ball up a heap of soothing energy and direct it at the screaming toddler – you never know, it might work!

From my garden

So the next time I say to you that magic isn’t rocket science, well you can tell me it is, just the same manipulation of energies that got us to the moon, but easier!

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