G is for Goddess

A to ZLoaded word, Goddess.

As a shaman I don’t tend to go in for deities. Everything has its spirit and that is fine. I may meet stereotypes of gods and goddessses in the Upper World but they are just more “entities” with whom I interact.

In neo-paganism, there are a plethora to choose from. All the ancient religions have been revived so it is quite possible to meet worshippers of Isis, Diana, Astarte, the Morrigan and all female celestials inbetween.

I tend to go with the side that thinks that all gods are one god and all goddesses are one goddess. They are natural expressions of the male and female forces in the Universe. So I am very happy chatting with any of them, accepting that any can be a manifestation of the female spiritual force.

This is why I am quite happy to go to Mass in my village in France.

Roman Catholicism pays huge respect to the Virgin Mary despite the fact that women are excluded from the priesthood.  So when I go to Mass I look at the statues and just think – hello, Goddess. Mary was elevated to this status to bring pagans around to Christianity in the early centuries AD.

I have even been co-opted into the Rosary Team which I call  the Virgin Mary Fan Club. We meet once a month and pray for healing, for problems in the world, in our own village and any other thing that is bothering us. Saying the rosary, for me, as a pagan, is not disrespectful, it is just another way of honouring the female spirit and the repetetive nature of the beads is very conducive to meditation, as the Buddhists know full well.

Do I have a favourite Goddess? Well of course I do. I named my heroine in Shaman’s Drum after her – Riga, short for Morrigan, Celtic death Goddess.  Sometimes you just can’t get around your own nature and family history.

The only truly Wiccan thing I cling to is my prayer whenever I see the moon, symbol of the Mother Goddess – I greet my Mother in the sky in all her beauty.

4 thoughts on “G is for Goddess

  1. People who want to have something to believe in, I think, must do what they need to to accomodate the options of religion around them -to make themselves comfortable with their version of ‘worship’.

  2. I find it fascinating to think of all the form the divine in general can take. People belief extend from polytheism to monotheism and what not. Finding strength everywhere as you do is a blessing.

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