I is for Imagination

A to Z

I could, of course, have given you I is for Imbolc but if you were that interested in festivals you would have looked it up already.

No, I preferred to give you the absolutely essential ingredient in magic – imagination. If you don’t have imagination you can’t do magic. Simple as that.

We use fancy words like “visualise” but that is only another way of saying “imagine”. It starts with meditation, goes through all kinds of divination and is vital in healing.

Whatever work I am doing, I have to be able to see the outcome as clearly as I can see the TV screen in my living room.  A friend is ill? Then I have to be able to see them in perfect health. An object is lost? Then I have to see that object as clearly as possible so my pendulum will take me to it.

And there is no way I could “journey” as a shaman if I couldn’t imagine where I was going to start with.

It is no surprise to me that so many witches (that word is used for both male and female) are writers, artists, sculptors, poets etc. The imagination needed for those activities is exactly the creative energy needed for witching. (yes, knitting counts too!)

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