J is for Judgement

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Tricky one this. Any request for witching is a judgement call. When I was first ordained, my Moon Father warned me that I should get used to the “slap slap slap” sound of lame ducks making their way to my door. I had no idea what he meant at the time but twenty years down the line, I understand.

There are people who are “not heal-able”. Sometimes this is because it is not in their best interests to be healed (a person who has given themselves a sports injury and who will go straight back to playing that sport if healed, needs time to reflect, needs to learn a lesson).

Often I will touch someone and know that whatever their burden, it is an imposition with which I cannot interfere.

Also, I have to decide if people are in search of the magic bullet. The use of magic should always be a last resort, not a simple cure all. If my friend has four kids, a husband in hospital and a broken car, it is far better for me to arrange a lift, do her ironing, care for the kids and cook a nice dinner, rather than light a candle and start chanting.

Some people also don’t want their problems sorted out. They are the “poor old me” merchants who would hate to lose their woes because then they would have nothing to moan about. Those ones I offer a cup of tea and then show them the door.

J is also for Justice.

Everyone has heard of the Wiccan Rede – An ye harm none, do as ye will” Well I’m sorry, I don’t subscribe to that. This bolshie, kick-ass, Scottish magic practitioner believes in giving back exactly what you have received. This is mirror magic. I bounce back at someone who has done me unwarranted harm no more and no less than they have sent me.

I may do a binding spell – this stops them doing me further harm in the future.

We should let the gods decide. Yes… but giving them a wee hand now and again is awfully helpful!

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