K is for Kindred

A to ZWonderful word isn’t it? Doesn’t mean just family, it means those who you “feel to be family” as well. I’m blessed. I don’t have much in the way of blood relations but I have “kindred” like you never knew. I rush out and connect with my kindred everyday;  And “kindred”  humans and animals, tree, birds etc. as well. Any being that you connect with. I have two woodpeckers who are kindred. They come to our garden in the winter to make up for the lack of grubs and scoff down the peanuts, bless their black, white and red souls.

There was an apple tree who was kindred no only to me but to my decidedly non-magical partner, Badger (no, I assure you, I have asked him so often and although he takes part in ritual and honours my gods, he is atheist to his claw ends (ahem, finger-tips) and yes, he is a Badger – grey, nearly blind and grumpy… but not a pagan, no, never a pagan………………. except he loved our apple tree) We wished we could have known she was going to be destroyed because we would have saved branch, an apple… something. We are both very sad when we pass that space.snowy_owl-other

Kindred is your witch family and yes I have a lot. People who do not know they are witches give out kindred spirits. One of my friends is a snowy owl and was amazed to find that he was present in the operating theatre when my foot was being done, although he wished me well with all his heart.


Everyone knows that I am otter- so you would not be surprised to see an otter when you are ill and I am thinking of you. What you don’t know is that I was also Raven in a previous life

Raven blog post

and I am now Otter also. So when you see crow family or otters, I’m thinking about you.

I have also masses of kindred on line – people who feel like family to me. People whose weddings are important, people to whom I will send bears, new ursine brothers and sisters ……. oooooooooooooooooo and horses – people with horses and dogs … it’s a question of knowing that you are MY kind of people, animal or human……it isn’t a huge barrier

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