S is for Sacred

A to ZSacred, it’s a very emotive word isn’t it? What is sacred? Everything and nothing is my typically irritating answer.

Everything, in that if “sacred” means special, then everything can be special. In witchery we talk about creating a “sacred space” but to me that only means that we have designated that space for a special purpose at a specific time. Everything, in that to someone, somewhere, that place or object might be special. Football fans talk about the “hallowed turf” or their team’s home ground. Nature-based religions talk about “sacred groves or sites”. Other religions have special places that are sacred to their god or leader.

Nothing, in that I don’t believe anything is that differently special from anything else. Nothing is inherently sacred in its own right, it is the connotations that people put on it that make it “specially special”.

I have an enormous respect for Quakers because they live by that motto. They do not use titles (even Mr. or Mrs.) because they do not believe that anyone is more “special” than anyone else, so people are addressed by their names. Nor do they believe that any one day is more sacred than any other, every day given to us to be on this earth is holy, so they don’t make a fuss about Christmas or Birthdays or any other day.

Talking of which, today is Earth Day  and if anything ought to be sacred to us, it is the planet we live on. I am not about to start banging on about pollution and global warming (whether or not it is our fault, it is happening) BUT … we all live here. Whether you see the Earth as merely our planet or Mother Gaia or being held up on the backs of elephants who stand on a giant turtle, it is where we live. If only from a sense of self-preservation we ought to try to make sure it is in good shape. If your house is getting to the point of collapse, you mend it, don’t you? So let’s all join in and do something, anything, that will help. Go pick up some litter, make the effort to recycle instead of chucking stuff out or just put out some food for the birds … one little gesture, just today hmm? It could become a habit!

Happy Earth Day
Happy Earth Day

4 thoughts on “S is for Sacred

  1. We can either be minute parasites, living off the earth and giving nothing back, or we can be like those tiny fish that live in the mouths and on the bodies of much larger canivorous fish and clean their teeth for them and generally give them a clean up. The carnivores and the tiny fish don’t harm each other and live in symbiosis. On the other hand the minute parasites often kill their host.
    Good article, Ailsa. It’s not the time to go into Global Warming, or as it’s now known Climate Change, although personally I don’t believe what we as human beings do affects the Earth or deviates what it was going to do anyway. We credit ourselves too much power. One major volcano, like Mount St Helens spewed out more CO2 and greenhouse gasses that Man has in all our years on the planet.

    1. Thanks, Richard. That’s why I put (whether or not it is our fault) I think we can’t deny that climate change is happening but I am not sure whether this is a pre-descent into a new ice age or the results of man’s activity and I didn’t want to get into a debate about it. Yes, your remarks about mutual help is exactly what I meant. Giving something back always makes us feel better, and today is a good day to give it a bash! xx

  2. I think how we treat each other should be considered sacred. We aught not blow each other up, bully each other, or spread hate because of differences. I am an old fashioned nurse. I was taught, “First, do no harm” as a mantra. Not to people, not to animals, not to the earth. Anyhow, that is what I think.

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