T is for Time

A to Z

One of the most valuable commodities in the world and yet how we waste it!

I am (in one way) very fortunate to have been invalided out of work at the age of just over 50. To all intents and purposes, I’m retired; so you would think that would give me all the time I need to catch up on things I wanted to do when I was working for a living, wouldn’t you?

 Wrong! I could still do a whole A – Z of hobbies I have taken up, bought stuff for and never pursued. In fact I might do just that – my A-Z of junk in my cupboard, each bit related to a wish!

 I signed up with my dear friend and mentor Jessica Macbeth, for a new course she is running. The exercises should take up about half an hour of my day. It is an extremely valuable “back to basics” course that will remind me of all the bad habits I have got into over the years. I really want to do it. Sometimes, however, I am still finding that 30 minutes is hard to spare.

 It’s a shame because magic is also about time. Even when one has progressed and the paraphernalia is


 no longer necessary, one can slip in and out of spirit easily, sitting down and really “being”, just being in the moment and gathering up energy is vital if work is to be done.

 I have a regular routine of doing distance healing work for friends and family, people on the healing list with a couple of groups … I manage this. What I don’t manage is the very fundamental exercises I should be doing.

 Writing is the same. I know many of my fellow writers do it too. We go onto a social website just to post some publicity and before you know where you are, an hour or more has gone by while you chatted, shared, re-tweeted and sympathised with people. That horrible moment when you realise it is nearly lunchtime and you have written nothing! Oh the shame, the angst!

 So if I were to possess a magic super-power (apart from the very feeble ones I do now) it would be to stretch time to accommodate all the socialising, magic, working, healing, travelling, cooking and other stuff I desperately want to do. Anyone got a good spell?

Perhaps MacWitchie knows a spell?

Perhaps MacWitchie knows a spell?

6 thoughts on “T is for Time

  1. I agree about sharing that magical time stretcher thingy – I badly need it just now. “100 words a week does not a novel finish!” 🙂 Take care with your ‘back’ stretching.

  2. I fall into the ‘having a quick look on Facebook to see whats happening’ catergory!
    I’m in the fortunate position at this time in my life, that I don’t HAVE to do anything. My time is mine to do with as I please.
    This means I don’t worry about how much time I spend chatting with my friends on FB (I don’t use Twitter) . I will happily vchat away with my friends for hours, just as I would if we were to meet for coffee.
    I don’t miss work. (I had to leave for health reasons 10 yrs ago). In fact, I don’t know how I found time to work!
    I have many friends who do suffer from lack of time. They either get too little sleep or the time they do spend doing other things, is not what is called ‘quality’ time. They are constantly worrying about what they should be doing rather than concentrating on what they ARE doing.If I could use the time stretch spell, I would gladly use it for my friends.
    Thank you for another lovely post Ailsa!

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