U is for Understanding

A to ZOriginally I wasn’t going to do Understanding but a few comments from friends have prompted me and I always believe that Spirit kicks you from any direction (otherwise known as Divine Inspiration), so here we go.

As a healer it is very important to be understanding.

Yes, I have already been picked up on this blog for being “critical” which made me laugh (I am going to criticize you for being critical… hmm pots and kettles!) BUT I am never judgemental when it comes to people seeking my help as a healer.

No matter how much I can see that this person has “brought it on themselves” I will do my utmost to help them before pointing out how they can avoid getting into this kind of scrape again either mentally or physically.

The easiest way is to give you an example.

A woman comes to me because she has got herself into an emotional tangle, an affair with a man who turns out to be abusive. She wants me to do some sort of spell to “calm him down and bring him back to her” because he is also knocking off other women too (sounds a charmer, doesn’t he?)

This is where the understanding bit comes in. I could tell her what an idiot she has been and that she must dump him immediately but that is pointless because despite everything she still loves him. My understanding side is that this poor woman has been used and abused by just about everyone she has ever loved, she is one of nature’s victims. She has “kick me” written in invisible letters on her forehead. So if she perceives me to turn on her as well, that is just another person she thought she could trust who fails her.

Even animals respond to hugs.
Even animals respond to hugs.

Firstly I will probably give her a big hug because a heart-chakra to heart-chakra hug is a very potent spell indeed. Often it is more effective than words. It is a physical manifestation of actually holding someone up when they are at their weakest point emotionally.

Then I will tell her that I cannot do a spell on this man because what she is asking me to do is change his basic nature and I cannot do that without his permission. We never, ever, put spells on people at a third party’s request.

I’ve been in love. I’ve fallen in love with some right swine! So I will empathise. Very gently, like turning over cards in a reading I’ll itemise every way in which he is unsuitable and how badly he has treated her and because she is now calm and feels supported, she will probably come to the conclusion that she really ought to dump him…but it was HER decision.

Once that stage has been reached I only have to reassure her that I am always available, a hug, a cup of coffee and a box of tissues at the ready.

I do not have the reputation of being very tolerant. I do not suffer fools gladly but I support suffering fools with infinite patience and understanding because … most often I’ve been there myself.

That is why I can say with complete sincerity “I do understand”.

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