V is for Visualisation

A to ZVisualisation is only a grown up word for “let’s pretend”.

One of the problems of witching is that you have to unlearn all the stuff that got dinned into you and remember things that you could do easily as a child.

Remember when you could play “let’s pretend” so well that you could actually SEE yourself being a pirate, cowboy, Olympic show jumper or whatever? It’s called imagination and for some reason we are brought up to have the imaginative power knocked out of us. Grown-ups tell us that we are being silly, to the point that being told you are “imagining things” is seen as a negative.

Well, in witchcraft you have to “imagine things” very hard. Back to the point where you can SEE them again, which is why we call it visualisation.

I find it wryly amusing that NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) which was a big fad with life-style coaches, involves a great deal of visualisation. To achieve the goals one has to imagine them so hard that one can see it happening. Closing that deal or winning that gold medal … um, sorry, isn’t that what we were told from childhood that we weren’t supposed to do?

So now, as an adult who does witching, I am right back to where I was aged four. To make something happen I have to remember coming in from play and telling my mother I had been talking to dragons. Fortunately for me the reaction was less horrified than if I had said I had been playing with other children (that was discouraged in case their vulgarity rubbed off on me!).

Example? A friend is very depressed. I understand that, I have been there (see yesterday’s U is for Understanding) so when I start to do distance healing on them I will play “let’s pretend” as hard as I can to see them happy, in control of their life and enjoying things they used to do. If it is someone I know personally it is easy. I can just remember a time we had fun and visualise that until I am living it again. That happy energy is then sent to the person.

With any luck and the blessings of Spirit – they will feel it too. That’s magic!

I bet Amelie has Visualisation at 100% (our great grand daughter)
I bet Amelie has Visualisation at 100% (our great grand daughter)

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