X is for X Factor

No, not the TV programme. I mean that little extra something that makes one a “real witch”. It’s something one is born with.A to Z

Rather like any other talent, one can try to learn, one can take lessons but without a natural talent, you’ll never be a virtuoso performer.

I can’t play the guitar, I’ve tried, oh believe me, I’ve tried til my wrist was nearly breaking and my fingers bleeding but…I just don’t have an innate knack for it. I can sing, I was born with a voice but musical instruments are a chore for me.

So in witching, there are any number of classes, retreats, on-line study groups, books and they are a bit like “Bert Wheedon’s Play in a Day” guitar series…they will only work for some people.

It’s possible to pick something and study that, you may find that you have a natural gift for divination, and that is what you should learn. Personally, while suffering from “flashes” of foretelling the future, I can’t do tarot. I have tried, I can do the basics but the whole subject is so vast I feel that maybe if THAT is your gift, study that and nothing else.

Meditation…brilliant and useful tool and anyone can learn it (I think) but that is only a stepping stone to witching.

Don’t worry if you weren’t born with the witching gene. I was, it’s in my family but I feel I’ve had to pay with lots of other talents. Drawing, painting, music, technology (yes one of those ones who still can’t use her mobile phone after two years!) and sciences all escaped me. If I want to get to grips with them I know I am going to have to really sweat it. On the other hand languages (natural empath) and singing come naturally.

It's in the eyes LOL!
It’s in the eyes LOL!

I was lucky, I got off to a head start coming from the family I do, but anyone can take a letter from this series and work on the one that appeals to them because chances are it is a natural talent.

Give it a go…you never know, you could be an undiscovered witch.

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