Z is for the Z – A of Junk

A to Z

I threatened to do this earlier in the blog and for my last contribution I am giving you the Z – A of unfinished interests (or Why My Cupboards Won’t Shut) a non-comprehensive list of the hobbies I have started, bought equipment for and then dropped.

 Z is for Zoology – something I wanted to study at University before Drama claimed me, books about.

Y is for Yachting – which I did for years and the books on navigation etc are still here even though I sold the boat when I first met my present husband…. 16 years ago.

X is for Xylophone, yes, one of those horrid tin things that kids bang on…another musical failure.

W is for Waste which I hate, explaining why I find it difficult to throw anything away.

V is for violin – see xylophone

U is for unfinished, which covers a myriad of stories, books, knitting, crochet and other projects which are on “hold” indefinitely

T is for time, lack of … the reason I can’t do everything that interests me

S is for swimming pools which I hate but explains my desire to swim daily, get fit and the number of swimming costumes I own

R is for restoration, which is a fancy name for hoarding junk in the hope that I will one day be able to mend it

Q is for quest – my endless spiritual quest that means I own a library full of books on the subject

P is for piano – see xylophone, we have two (husband shares this minor failure in hobby pursuit)

O is for origami, the first hobby my mother refused to allow me to take up for fear of cluttering the house up with “dust-gatherers”

N is for numerology and other divination techniques, all of which I have tried at one time or another and the materials for which are now falling out of the cupboards

M is for making things to which I am completely addicted

L is for love and explains why I cannot throw away old birthday cards

K is for knitting which is the reason I have black bin liners full of leftover yarn filling the space under the spare bunk where the teddies live

One of my knitting projects
One of my knitting projects

J is for jam which for some reason I cannot stop making even though there are only two of us and we have enough upstairs to see us through at least the next five years.

I is for incense to which I am addicted and the huge stock that exists under my altar

H is for horses, all the assorted accoutrements still here after all those years  

G is for gardening at which I’m pretty hopeless but those packets of seeds are too good to throw out

F is for fishing which I used to do and gave up but whose paraphernalia I still have

E is for elephants, one of my totem animals and the endless statues of them that I possess

D is for dogs, collars of departed, spare bowls, sacks of biscuits for.

C is for clothes, tons of ’em! Working in a charity shop I got given anything that needed mending or washing and I hate waste – see W.

B is for bears which you already know collect me. I don’t have a spare room, I have an ursorium.

Baggy Bear, head of the hug
Baggy Bear, head of the hug

A is for acquisitive which describes me to a T.

Th is for Thank You all for reading this series and So is for Sorry I didn’t get around to reading everyone else’s blogs. Like marriages, it was fun while it lasted ! I have made new friends and found very interesting blogs to follow.

3 thoughts on “Z is for the Z – A of Junk

  1. Oh my! I don’t know whether to impressed or worried! It appears from your Z to A list, we have many things in common. U, S, R, Q, N, M, I, G, E, D, C, B (to lesser extent than yourself) and most deifintely A.
    I won’t be offended if you now decide to unknow me!
    Lovely to know though that I am not the only one in the world! You see my husband is a hoarder. He keeps rubbish. I on th othe hand store treasure!

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