It works

Anyone who has been reading my blog regularly (yes both of you) will know that I wrote about going past horses who didn’t have any water.

Well it happened again. At the end of our lane are some bull calves and i have made friends with them (Angus, Sooty and Panda) and the other day I was very distressed to find that both their filthy bath tub and rusty half oil-drum were bone dry. Angus was kicking at them in anger and I could feel his thirst.

I went back to the bench, where the village committee sit and had a little word with them. I offered to phone the owners (or the SPA) and was told to mind my business. However, somebody obviously took notice because today they have a nice new purpose-built tub. It is full of clean water and Sooty gave me an appreciative moo. Good so – sometimes you just have to put a word in the right ear!

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