Make ’em laugh!

Baggy Bear, head of the hug
Baggy is always ready to clown around

Leave ’em laughing.

That’s always been a philosophy of mine and I’ve been pondering my future as a writer for some time. Today it came home to me. Spirit hit me on the head with a brick and confirmed my suspicions.

It all came about, of all things, from breaking my front teeth (don’t panic, they are false). I went into a blind panic because without them, I look like a rather amiable vampire with only my canines showing. My speech reverts to my four-year-old self and I become unbearably self-conscious.

Add to that my total phobia of dentists and I figured this was a test of “facing up to fear” and being unable to run away, I went.

Something got hold of me as I walked into reception and I started making jokes with the nurse. The new young dentist, son of old dentist, is a really amenable guy, so we ended up having a bit of a giggle-fest while he filled my mouth with awful chewing-gum substance and we hummed to each other while we waited for it to dry. Once able to speak I made spitty noises and said “And you French have the cheek to say that English food tastes bad!”

So the answer is humour.

Once the prequel to Shaman’s Drum is finished, I am going to turn my back on demons and magic for a while and write something much more light-hearted. The clown side is going to be allowed out to play and we will see where that leads me.

Always go with what feels right (another of my philosophies).

5 thoughts on “Make ’em laugh!

  1. I am really impressed that you managed speech; I lose that.ability through fear even though my dentist is a darling and.oh so patient with my borderline hysteria. Hope you are all fixed and lisp free asap xx

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