Pick n Mix

Teachers, preachers

Local council bin-men

Smokers, topers,

Good time girls and sin-men

Tech-geeks, bike-freaks

T-Total and boozers

Farmers, charmers,

Some are total losers

Fighters, writers,

Working mums with stress

Depressives, repressives

The ones who must confess

Singers, wingers

Actors of all sexes

Prudies, foodies

Could-have-beens and exes.

Nudists, Buddhists

Hippies with Free Love

Sikhs, Jews and Hindus

And “none of the above”

Mormons and morons

People with diplomas

Charladies and artists

Or some who are in comas

Why this list you’re asking

Of disparate and desperate

They’ve one thing all in common

Each one of them’s a friend.

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