Liebster Award

I love surprise presents. So much so that I don’t do Christmas and birthdays, I like to spring a gift on a friend for no reason. Recently I received a Liebster Award nomination my blogging friend Roland Clarke I am very grateful – it was a great way to start the morning.

I wasn’t fully aware of how this Award came about but found that “Liebster comes from the German verb Lieben, which means to love. Liebster is the superlative form of the adjective lieb, which means kind, likeable, lovely. As a noun liebster also means sweetheart and boyfriend.” So that means that the Liebster Award is like a special little gift from one blogger to another. Whee!

I have to nominate five bloggers in my turn but first here are the questions that Roland set me :

Why did you choose your Blog name? Ha ha ha – I’m a very straightforward person and it does what it says on the tin. Describes me in a nutshell and isn’t pretentious.

What are your aims and ambitions in writing a Blog? Of course it started as vehicle for my writing but more and more I find that I’m using it to share wry observations and funny thoughts or to expound on subject about which I feel passionate. I imagine that my blog readers are sitting at the kitchen table with me and listening to me rabbit on and I’m thrilled when they join in.

Where do you find your inspiration? From everything going on around me. From conversations on Facebook, incidents in my village, Nature, it all goes into the meat grinder and comes out as a post, even my orphaned teddy bear collection.

What do you like best and least about blogging? One of the things I like best in life is making people laugh and even when being a little acidic I hope that I am raising a smile. Getting feedback is the finest bit and there isn’t anything I dislike about blogging or I wouldn’t do it. I’m like that: chaotic, piratical, temperamental, artistic type.

What inspires you to follow another Blog? Content sometimes (mainly other writers or crafters) but more often I fall in love with the tone of the author. One of my friends can reduce me to tears of laughter in one line just because of her writing style.

What is your favourite book and favourite movie? Really tough question. I am a big kid. If I had to choose one book to have with me on my desert island it would be The Wind in the Willows because it is timeless, ageless and very spiritual. My favourite movie? Blazing Saddles or any other Mel Brooke’s comedies. That guy creases me up and the spoof Western has so many classic lines in it. When I get together with my best friend we end up swapping quotes until we can hardly stand upright.

Is a book always better than the movie? Can they be compared? No. I don’t think so. As they say – the pictures are so much better in your own head. On the other hand I have really enjoyed movies if I can persuade myself that this production has nothing whatsoever to do with the story I already know.

What is your best quality? I was going to say “loyalty or honesty” but my husband said “compassion” and he’s probably right. I am totally incapable of walking by on the other side if someone needs help. Animal or human, I just can’t ignore it.

Where have you dreamed of living and why? Having lived 22 years where other people dream of being (an old farmhouse in rural France), I’d like to go back to where I started out as a student – London. I know, it’s crazy but I would love to cheat and have a foot in both camps. Is that allowed?

Are you always learning from life? Good grief, yes! The day I stop learning you can put me in my box because no matter what other bits of me are falling off, the brain is still very active. I’d like to keep it that way. Anyway my “to do before I die” list is still miles long.

What one key message do you want your readers to take away from your blog? See the funny side and learn from everything. No experience is wasted if you learn from it and it’s easier to learn if you aren’t taking it all so seriously.

I’d now like to nominate my own friends to whom this special gift is offered as a thank you.

My Questions are

What prompted you to blog in the first place?

How much of yourself do you share on your blog?

Are any subjects taboo for you?

Would you ever refuse to guest on someone else’s blog and why?

How would you like to think your readers see your blog?

Which of your qualities do you think comes out most in your posts?

Is there anything you dislike about blogging?

Do you visualise books in your head while reading them? In other words, are you watching your own movie of the book?

What is your most passionate cause or belief?

What draws you to other people’s blogs?

Richard Hardie who interviews so many people on his blog and is very modest about his own interesting life.

Nettie Thomson who is a wonderful photographer as well as my IT guru and set up my blog for me.

Sarah England who does a great deal to help out other authors with interviews on her blog.

The Ape – my absolutely all time favourite gorilla who puts enormous effort into giving publicity to new writers.

Brenda May Williams – who writes great children’s books, wears my crazy hats and campaigns on the same animal issues as I do.

The Basic Rules are:

1. Write a post about the nomination and link back to the nominator’s site. (that’s me!)

2. In that post, explain the meaning of the award and answer the questions given to you.

3. Create questions for your nominees.

4. Nominate 5 blogs with fewer than 1000 followers.

5 Contact nominees and let them know that you have nominated them.

6 Post the award button on your blog.liebster

10 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. What an interesting post, Ailsa. I always love to learn more about my friends. I have to agree with your husband: you are one of the most compassionate people I know.
    I’m delighted to accept your nomination too – you’ve chosen a great set of questions! I’ll try to get it done over the weekend.

  2. A well deserved nomination. Your blog posts have me in stitches, make me think and yes, I do feel as though I’m sat in your kitchen sharing slightly scewiff observations of life.

  3. What a great post Ailsa, well done my friend I have really enjoyed reading this and for that matter everything else that you write, and thank you for being my friend and for knitting those crazy hats. The little ones who com to my events love them and so do I..

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