“ists” and “isms”

One of the perks of being an author is that you can “get away with murder” metaphorically-speaking of course.

If someone gets under my skin I can write them into a novel and give them justified karma on paper. I know it’s evil but all my writer friends agree that we do it and we love it. To be able to take revenge on a total (insert noun here) is very satisfying and probably there are a few folk still walking around because we’ve been able to do away with them in a book.

My problem is that I’ve come across a character who is too shallow in real-life to be credible in a novel. Were I to include him in my next work, readers would throw it across the room and leave me rotten reviews saying that Mr. X was a caricature, over-drawn and utterly lacking in any redeeming features.

Yes but…that’s how he is.

He’s an “ist”. I can’t say what kind of “ist” because he is subject to every “ism” known to humanity. I will give him this; he’s an equal-opportunities “ist”. He is not bothered about gender, sexuality, colour, race, religion, or politics. He hates everyone and has a handy stereotype for every single one of us.

Sudden inspiration! He was a military man. In my novel he could be General Isation because that’s another of his specialities. Groups of people are lumped together on his hate list as all showing the same tendencies. I’d like to give you an example but the language he uses would leave a very bad smell on my blog. Let’s just say that he’s a world-expert on the behaviour of coloured, gay, non-British, British or female people.

Maybe it would be possible to bring him into a novel but only if I give him the ending he deserves and what is probably going to happen to him in real life. He will finish his days a sad, lonely old man who has alienated everyone around him but still convinced that he was right.


3 thoughts on ““ists” and “isms”

  1. oh Ailsa! I know some people who fit into ths catergory. You’re right, most are equal opportunity ists, hating a railing against everybody. I feel sorry for them in a way. |It must be difficult to live with such a narrow minded opinion of everyone and they will end their days sad, lonely and bitter.
    I bet he would make a character that we can all relate to. You can do unto him as he hath done unto others and we will all feel a little bit better!

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