Bear Aid

Rev. Mother Griselda Goldenpaws, matron of St. Ursula’s Orphanage for Homeless Teddy Bears received a deputation this morning. Little White Riding Hood (who came to us suffering from an identity crisis) had brought a message from the orphans with a request.

While some of the long-term residents are not able to be returned to the wild, others feel that they are sufficiently healed now to long for the touch of little fingers, have their ears sucked by small mouths and be what they should be…children’s best friends.

Rev. Mother (no, she really IS – she has a certificate from the Universal Life Church!) was so happy. She immediately saw a triple blessing in this (you will forgive her but Rev. Mother always sees things in threes).

There is to be a pre-Christmas “good used toys” sale in town next month. This will mean that children whose parents don’t have much money and Goddess knows there are a lot of them around here, will be able to get good pressies.

The orphans will be able to find “proper” homes with small people.  Twimi

As the orphanage is a charitable institution it is an ideal opportunity to raise some money for a cause dear to her heart. She immediately got some pictures to show the bears of The Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary When she explained that these gorgeous animals had been rescued, some from very bad conditions indeed, the bears were delighted. They leapt up and down and wanted to jump in the car and go there right away but Rev. Mother said very firmly that the best help they could be would be if they raised money at the sale and she would send it to the nice lady who runs the Sanctuary so that she could buy food for the residents. Helping other orphans! What a great idea!

So Rev. Mother is sending a special blessing to any of you who click on the link here and would like to send a few pennies too.

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