Refusal Allergy

My life has been governed by a total inability to say “No” and even when I don’t really understand what it involves, I jump at new ideas.

This is how I end up this week being host on Twitter to this excellent site

Writers Rotation

I’m around all week, folks (as the best stand-ups say) so whizz over and chat with me or I’ll think I’m on my own and get paranoid. (you don’t like me curled up under the blankie, sucking my thumb and whimpering, do you?)

I appear to be one of the few writers not working on NaNo so come and put your feet up, have a natter about anything you like. I’ve just posted some pretty pictures of the last roses in my garden so the options are endless. Kettle’s on, cake’s made ….Image

5 thoughts on “Refusal Allergy

  1. Nice idea missus! I am drinking virtual tea with you and to be honest, am still stuffed from the 2 boiled eggs I’ve just had, but I’l do my best to squeeze in a wafer thin slice, as they say…

    Today…I will be mostly doing promo malarkey…I’ve got an ad to finish off and a piece for the Huffington Post…I’m proposing to wrap up by about three…can I pop back then for a larger slice if there’s any left?

    Yours in authorial respect,

    T x

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