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You probably know all about Shaman’s Drum, Ailsa’s award- nominated novel, unless you have been living in a cave and missed all the publicity she sent around about it. So let’s get some background on this Hell’s Granny.

Mixed up” is a good way to start. From her parentage, mother Scots/Irish and father English Jewish which meant they were disowned by both families, to her current status, carrying both a French and British passport but always being mistaken for Dutch or German…a born stateless person. Add to that she was born on a train, nearest station West Hartlepool, a place with which she has no connections at all and you’ll understand that from the beginning, Ailsa was meant to be confused.

Moving to Hawick where her Scottish mother thought they would be happier after her Daddy died when Ailsa was four, she was ostracised and bullied as being…

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