Get your own!

Many of you will know that I raised hell about some very dubious advertising methods in my post How to …..

Let me start by asking you a question. When you post something on FB do you expect others to share it? Of course you do, especially if it is publicity for your own work.

Question 2 – do you expect it to be hijacked by a third party to advertise their OWN website? No, I didn’t think so.

I was particularly enraged when photos that I share regularly to highlight animal welfare were stolen by the person below. I give publicity to causes that are dear to my heart because I care. Checking back, I found that a great many authors’ posts had been misappropriated so I contacted a few of them personally. They were equally unimpressed.

Looking after the world is not my job, there are other people more able to do that but let this serve as a heads-up and please DO share this around.

The ID is

Yes it has been reported to FB by several of us as being a business masquerading as a person and I have reported all her posts as spam.

The link takes one to this site which claims to be a publicity service for aspiring authors. (obligatory pause for you all to stop choking, spitting coffee down your nose or falling off your chairs)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is an example of what one would be paying this lady to do. I have left a note on her website informing her that these kind of antics will not get her clients.

Note the name – avoid like the plague.

(you wouldn’t want your name or your products associated with this person, would you?)

To Protect & Serve
To Protect & Serve

4 thoughts on “Get your own!

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