St. Valentine’s Day is one of those tricky, sales-orientated inventions designed for maximum discomfort to all concerned.

Do you get chocolates? They cost a fortune and are cholesterol and fat nightmares. The recipient might be on a diet, or very picky about palm oil, or a vegan, ethical consumer etc, etc…whatever, they will be gone in no time leaving you with a rather costly pile of pretty wrapping.

Flowers? Who doesn’t like flowers? Well I don’t. I love them in the wild, admire them in the garden but hate them flown half way around the world with the accompanying environmental cost so that florists can rip off people who will themselves get their heads ripped off if they don’t present something floral. Again, after a couple of days, your expensive arrangement is drooping and making the poetic recipient wonder if it is a metaphor for the relationship. Dangerous ground.

Then we can go really egomaniac and present some “personalised” gift which will will end up in the bin as soon as it all ends, so unless you have been together a while and can’t afford to split up, don’t waste your money on jewellery with your photo, name, etc engraved on it.

You may, of course, have the great good fortune to be with someone like my mate Flatcap or my Old Feller who consider the whole thing a scaled-down version of Christmas, a commercially-motivated, guilt-trip fest. They are easy to buy for…but if you really want to get something cheap, that lasts and cannot offend ecologically in any way, you could always go for an e-book. As it happens Crooked Cat have a sale on til the end of the weekend, so you can slip something onto your beloved’s Kindle unobtrusively (gosh that sounds like a euphemism!)

Whatever you do or don’t do … Love to all of you, friends, readers, fellow human-beings xxx

Ecological and good value!
Ecological and good value!

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