Give me a …hint, indice, aid to guessing…

No postal charges!
No postal charges!

Some of you may have noticed a dearth of posts on this blog recently for which I apologise. I had a stroke from which there are complications and I find it quite difficult to write (rather inconvenient for an author).

There are, however, some very funny games to be played. For a start off I can now join in with Hypochondriac Poker which is a National Sport in France. Whatever someone is suffering from, another person has to “black cat” it, coming up with a friend or relative who also had this condition. Scoring is easy. Double points if they actually died from it, astounded the medical profession and lived or total trump if it was you personally who had it.

In my village the average age is well past retirement so I can indulge in “see your ovarian cancer and up you permanent brain damage”. This is much appreciated and why we all discuss our most intimate bodily functions at the chemist’s because it is another chance to get in a quick round of “my sister died of that!”7 and 29

The other major hilarity is that, like many stroke victims I am losing my speech and words disappear completely. Being bilingual I can usually find what I mean in one or other of the languages but now I am …not home, directionless, satnav doesn’t work….lost!

My patient husband is becoming used to having to play “Sound Charades” with me as in “on head, not hat, no not cap, hair, false…wig! Yes! Wig!” but the swearwords when I am frustrated always come out clear as a, thing in tower, church, Sunday, ropes … ding dong etc;

Today we hit rock bottom when he found me wandering around the supermarket with a tin of tuna in my hand looking vague. (yes, this is quite normal) When asked what it was for, I looked baffled and then said triumphantly “Solicitor!”

He nodded and put the tuna in the basket. He knows that the French for solicitor is avocat and that we have two avocados in the fridge.

On the upside, books 1 and 2 are now available in paperback and e-format on all the usual sites, Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and also now from The Book Depository which is great news for those who like paperbacks but don’t want to pay the crippling postage costs – free delivery to anywhere in the world. Huzzah. can also still make my publicity pictures so I’ve scattered a few around this post to brighten it up.

Wishing you all well and hoping you will – spend, purchase, acheter, kopen… get the bloody books! Dammit!  despair

12 thoughts on “Give me a …hint, indice, aid to guessing…

  1. Awww, thank you, dear Ape. It’s quite fun, even if I do keep dropping things, walking into furniture and falling over. Perhaps the neurologist will come up with some bright ideas on 5th March. And one can get away with a lot of mischief with brain damage as an excuse LOL

  2. I’m drunk, disorderly, smashed the car and then went on to kill people. Brain is my excuse, and I’m sticking with…

    What I mean is love, hugs, blessed be and all the strength love spirits be with you. 🙂 ❤ <(")

  3. Love to you Ailsa. You’re wonderful in your ability to laugh and live as vibrantly as you do, when so many would have melted into a puddle of unhappiness. You rock in my book! HUGS XXXXXXXX

  4. Oh bless you all – I’m only being me. It’s the only way I can be. Laughter isn’t just the best medicine but also a fabulous weapon – there are very few demons that can stand up to being laughed at. Believe me – I write about fighting demons. Pointing at them and chuckling is very demoralising for them

  5. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had a stroke. That’s pants but I have to confess that I nearly weed my pants at the idea of hypochondriac poker. I hope you continue to recover and are back to writing between competition illness comparisons in the chemist soon.



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