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Yet another five star review on Amazon.com for ALCHEMY
5.0 out of 5 stars A worthy prequel 15 Mar 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I had already read and enjoyed Shaman’s Drum but, like a lot of readers, was left wanting more – the world that was created was fascinating but its origins were only hinted at. Having a scientific background I wanted to know more about how life could have changed so radically. It was believable that magic users might have become common-place but still bought take-aways but I wanted to know how. Similarly, as Shaman’s Drum concentrated only on Riga and Iamo, the main characters, during their adventure, I wanted to know more about them. Again, their past history was hinted at but never fully explained.
I was, therefore, delighted when the prequel, Alchemy, was released. Here at last was all the information that we had been waiting for and there were no disappointments.
From the scientific discovery that made The Changes possible, which was credible, to the people who had helped form the personalities of the two main characters, all was explained. While Shaman’s Drum concentrated on Iamo and Riga, Alchemy brings in many other interesting, amusing, detestable, sometimes comical and sometimes frightening dramatis personnae.
I found the formative years of both of them very moving and it explained very clearly how they had become the adults we met in Shaman’s Drum. I do not think I need to say #spoileralert if I say that neither of them had an easy or conventional childhood.
Having met the new characters in Alchemy and immediately re-read Shaman’s Drum, I cannot wait to see if there will be a third book in the series and if any of their friends return. I, for one, will be disappointed if they don’t.
While Shaman’s Drum is more fantasy and romance, Alchemy is firmly grounded in highly possible realities and will appeal more to the down to earth reader, although there are still plenty of magic-users and some fearsome demons in it.
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Happy Reader Chris who left this review and was the 1st to post "me with book" photo.
Happy Reader Chris who left this review and was the 1st to post “me with book” photo.

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