What’s yours?

Coming from a comment on here yesterday by my lovely friend Di Horsfield, I thought today we’d play a game.

I’m going to play at being the genie of the lamp, although God knows it’s hard enough for me to squeeze into the car these days, never mind a brass lamp: I’m going to grant you a wish each. Let’s be silly. World peace,an end to injustice, war and poverty are out – as I proved in Alchemy, it ain’t going to happen.

Be totally selfish – you can have one wish for yourself. What ability would you like to have? A superpower or just something you have tried to do and can’t master? Get imaginative. Let your mind run riot.

I shall admit to the fact that apart  from being unable to wield a paintbrush or pencil, I am physically the wrong shape to play the guitar. I have tried. Heaven knows I have tried but my enormous bosom pushes the guitar away from my body and my arms aren’t long enough to reach that far…so my dreams of being a latter  day Joan Baez will never be realised.

Go on – make me laugh;

MacWitchie will grant you one wish!
MacWitchie will grant you one wish!

7 thoughts on “What’s yours?

  1. I always fancied being alone on an island for a month but then I realized that I am hopeless at lighting the fire and indeed one time used the brush part of the companion set to poke it turning it into a giant torch, handy when it gets dark on an island I suppose, however scary when it’s in your own living room. They idea has been shelved until I become good friends with Bear Grylls…

  2. I wish i could drive. have tried loads of times over the years. was told I was a danger to other road users! Too old and ill now but would still like to be able to run a few people over 😉 xx

  3. If it had to be something for me… I have little ability for visuals. I’d love to be able to paint or draw… And to have a nice voice (mind you my voice doesn’t stop me from singing but I’d rather not scare anybody).

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