Grayfriar’s Wullie

There’s a famous canine statue that stands by Grayfriar’s kirk
Of a doggie who’d no leave his master’s side
E’en once the man was dead,
He would lay beside his head
In the cold and wet…the dozy little berk.

But another well-known hound is remembered in the town
Though he isn’t quite as famous as wee Bobbie
He had literary pretensions
And despite his small dimensions
He managed to write all his poems down.

In a case of plagiarism that is possibly the worst
His master copied all the verse he wrote.
Though the quality was poor
The deluded man was sure
That Scots Laureate he’ be the very first.

This vile thief was MacGonnegal
Of the Tay Bridge Rail Disaster disrepute.
Wullie, Scottie dog the author
Of the poetry so awful
Is how the term was coined – doggerel.





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