A prayer

Oi - YOU!
Oi – YOU!

Now, listen here Almighty!
I’ve a bone to pick with you
About the heap of crappy stuff
And pain I’ve just been through

I know that you are merciful
And do things for a reason
But would YOU please remember
To everything there is a season?

You made me bright and cheerful
I’m likely your best clown
Cos I manage to make others laugh
When life is zooming down

But could I please just have a break?
A few things going right?
With my tooth that cracked this morning
I have lost the will to fight

If to spread goodwill and jollity
Is my purpose on this earth
Ease up on me, please, could You?

Thank You very much,
Ailsa Abraham,
Depressed Poet and Comedian.

Yes, these damn things!
Yes, these damn things!


8 thoughts on “A prayer

  1. Oh Ailsa! You never fail to cheer me up despite you being in agony and erm sorry in advance, sick to the back teeth With it all. I hope whom-so-ever has the power over these things, sees fit to give you freedom from your health stresses in the immediate future.

  2. This was a general shout-out to the Universe. I don’t mind who is or isn’t listening as long as it made you laugh.

    It’s a defence mechanism cos if I ever took these things seriously I’d probably get quite depressed.

  3. I had a cracked tooth recently. At least in my case it didn’t hurt although I ended up with two crowns (no cheap business either). Yes, sometimes it doesn’t rain, it pours! I hope it gets better…

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