What if….?

Oh, Good Morning, Mr. Pavlov. I wonder, I have these puppies I’m trying to find homes for. Would you? No? OK, well thanks anyway.


Mrs. Shroedinger will you please stop encouraging that stray cat to come in here, I am trying to work!


Science? Schmience – I want to bonk Marilyn Monroe and live happily ever after. Marilyn Einstein… sounds good, doesn’t it?


Mr. Columbus, if I’ve told you once, I’ve told you ten times, there is NO land over there and I won’t fund a voyage. Please do not come back saying “Queen Isabella, I want to find the North West Passage and I think there is a big bit of land there. Understood?”


Oh Mr. Newton, you don’t want to go planting apple trees in your garden. How about some nice raspberry canes instead?


I’m sorry, Nostradamus, I’m fresh out of opium, the supplies have dried up completely.


Hey! Pontius! This Jesus guy has some really great ideas! How about we invite him around and listen to him?


I’m sorry, Professor Tolkein but it’s that word “Hobbit” – sounds too much like a biscuit, we can’t accept your work.


Calcutta? Calcutta? Theresa, you will stay here and marry the Rabbi’s son like your mother always wanted you to!


Oh I don’t know, that Mr. Fleming is such a messy git, I’m thinking of handing in my notice. Look at all this mouldy stuff I just had to clear up. Tsk!


Pablo, look, I’m speaking not only as your tutor but as your friend. Faces are round. OK? People have curves, not geometric bodies. Take up woodwork.

Happy Weekend - give a hug!
Happy Weekend – give a hug!










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