Tabitca Cope

Today in the Bingergread Cottage we have my good friend Tabitca Cope visiting.

Knocks on door “Hello. I have brought cakes, fairy cakes. Thank you for inviting me . I am not sure how to begin but a quick life story is :I was a nurse, my husband died, I was left to bring up a disabled child alone so I went back to university and became an academic (not quite sure still how that came about).Ended up teaching psychology and doing research for about 20 years until I got ill and had to retire early. I became house bound and was very bored. A friend persuaded me to take up crafts, so I learned to make cards and took crocheting back up. I was reading ‘The Riddle of the Sands’ by Erskine Childers and saw in the foreword that he had been ill and was fed up of not having anything exciting to read so wrote his own book. That set me thinking and I started to write. Dark Ness came out and then more followed.Tibs 1

I know about your cards, I have one of them framed on my wall which you so kindly made for me when I was ill. I read Dark Ness and couldn’t believe it was your first effort.

I am still reluctant to call myself a writer or an author because I am stuck at home and unable to do any of the stuff like book signings or interviews that people do. I sell a few books, not many and the profits go to mainly animal charities. The books were and still are based in places I know well or have lived because I always find it annoying when a writer gets it wrong and you read their description and its obvious they have not researched the place they are talking about. I know its fiction that I write but I do my research very thoroughly and try to get facts as accurate as I can.

Well snap! I call myself an author (cos I’m a poser) but like you, I can’t do book-signings or conferences because of the travel costs. I also agree about writing what you know. It drives me mad when writers get things wrong, especially when it could be looked up easily on Google. One author had their characters driving from Lyon to Calais in two hours…wish it were possible!

The full length novels all contain one or more cryptids…that is an unknown or mysterious creature from Nessie to Tulpas. Why ? Because I have spent most of my life trying to find the truth about these creatures.

I have hunted Nessie , to the point I once gave up my job and spent two years up in the Highlands hanging around the Loch until I ran out of money. I have twice seen something in the loch but what it was real or illusion I couldn’t say. I

n my younger days I travelled and went hunting for Bigfoot or sasquatch as it is known in Canada. The only thing I found was a large bear which chased me and had to be scared aware by some of the men I was with. I had gone in the bushes for a pee and all of a sudden there was this horrible smell like a hundred wet dogs. I stood up, pulled up my trousers and turned around to see what looked a 7 foot tall bear on its hind legs. I never knew I could run so fast. Some of the guys I was with saw me running and fired some gun shots into the air and the bear left, unharmed. It came home to me that we all put ourselves in danger going on these hunts without realising it.

Tibs 2I have also looked for alien big cats, large wild cats that are said to be roaming the UK countryside. It’s been put forward as a theory that they were set free by private individuals when the wild animal acts came into being. I have seen some unidentifiable footprints but thankfully no big cats. Sadly all my adventures and travelling are now over as I can’t leave the house on my own. . So my adventures now have to happen in my books. I wrote prolifically at first but as my condition deteriorates and arthritis also sets in, it is taking longer and longer to write stuff, but the second book of the second trilogy is underway . Well time for more cakes I think……

Good idea, I’ll get some more tea. Wow – you really are an adrenaline freak, aren’t you? I adore bears but I don’t think I’d like to come across one with my knickers around my ankles. It’s been fantastic talking to you Tibs and thanks for bringing the cakes. I’ll drive you home on my bike if you like – mind riding pillion?

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