The Consultant is …in.

In my experience, not many of us end up being what we dreamed of when we were kids. I certainly didn’t become a pirate or cowboy (well, not professionally).


Occasionally, however, life chucks you a side-ball that you weren’t expecting and other people start labelling you as something that had never entered the equation. Some time ago a well-known author approached me and asked if she could pose some questions about magic as practised today (or in the past within my sphere of knowledge). That’s fine, I write a lot about different kinds of magic so I was delighted to help and we exchanged emails for a couple of weeks.


I was, therefore, utterly stunned when I received a copy of the new book with her compliments and found my own name in the acknowledgements section.


Hey world – I am a consultant!


Yes, of course, as soon as the book is published I will be revealing all and pimping it around the bazaars.


Today I had a charming PM from a colleague asking to pick my brains on some French phraseology. My instant thought was “if you can find any brains, darling, feel free to pick them over, because the shrinks at the hospital singularly failed!’


Double consultant!


All this in the week when I am now recognised in the street as “our local author”. Good job I’m not prone to “encephalus-inflatus” or I might begin to believe my own publicity. No, just large, forgetful old lady on a Yamaha with a sense of humour as sharp as a box of tacks and a heart as big as the sky.


I do consultations on being very stupid too!

Courtesy of Widepedia




8 thoughts on “The Consultant is …in.

  1. You’re a wonderful consultant, you even do knitting consultation. There is no limit to your talents and I agree totally with your self-description. Definitely sharp as a tack and your heart is absolutely as big as the sky!

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