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I completed one of those tests on line recently that proved that although a woman, I think more like a man. Hardly surprising, then, that I have an in-built aversion to reading instructions. I did this with social media. Knowing there was a wealth of information about it out there, including Nicola Morgan’s excellent book “Tweet Right”. I bashed ahead and made just about every mistake possible.

A few years down the line now, I thought I’d share a few of the hints and tips I’ve picked up, learning the hard way. As you probably know by now, I see Twitter and most especially FB as a large party where you mix and mingle with everyone there.

Don’t take it personally. Even when it is directed at you personally, it is far safer to walk away. Those who know you well won’t believe whatever is being said and if you don’t do this you could spend your whole time defending yourself. That is not what it is meant to be about. You wouldn’t start a bar brawl at a cocktail party, don’t do it on line.

If someone chooses to ignore you, that’s their choice. It might be a Twitter or FB screw-up and they didn’t mean to unfollow or unfriend you. If they did, don’t chase them around the net wanting to know why, it’s very undignified and yes, I did it and wish I could apologise to the lady concerned.

If you have causes about which you feel very strongly, think twice about what you share because you will get people’s backs up. It is very much a case of those who stick their head above the parapet get bricks thrown at them. If you are prepared for that, fine.

On the other side of the coin, what people choose to write on their own walls is their business. If you don’t like it, ignore it. If they continually post things that irritate you, change your settings. It saddens me to see people falling out about one remark. You can be friends with people and agree to differ on certain viewpoints. If you can’t – get out of their company quietly without making a big fuss about it.

I sound like an expert, don’t I? Know why? Because even if I haven’t done all those things myself, I’ve seen other people doing it and getting enraged. Social media is just that – social. It’s meant to be fun.

Wrong  X
Wrong X



6 thoughts on “Read the instructions

  1. I totally agree with the walk away policy these days – I do it every day. I’ve lost a couple of friends because of my views on various animal cruelty issues. But it should work both ways – if they don’t like one thing I share or repost, but are generally my friend, then I’m sure that they do, and those who choose to attack weren’t friends to begin with. We are all entitled to our views I reckon, and it’s silly to break up with people you like because of them. 🙂

  2. The one thing that I wish Twitter had was a way to hide posts with a particular hashtag. So often my feed gets flooded with dozens of posts that are simply retweets or slightly different wordings of #TheIssueOfTheDay.

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