Dear Mr. Scholl

I’m writing to let you know that your Athlete’s Foot treatment also works wonderfully on another but less well-known condition. I call it “Athlete’s Tit”.

For larger ladies such as me, over whom gravity won some time ago, hot weather can produce the same symptoms as athlete’s foot but further north. Of course this is due to the same conditions, bacterial growth in damp warm and enclosed areas.  For some time my doctor assumed I was allergic to my underwear and had me change my washing powder, type of bra and issued me with enough creams to keep keep a whole maternity ward going for a year. This proved counter productive as my brassière simply slid around on the cream and I was forever rescuing my right cup from half way up my back.

It was only when my husband compared my  symptoms with those of Athlete’s Foot, from which he suffers from time to time,  that he came up with the bright idea of trying your product and within days it had cleared up.

Thank you. I am not seeking any publicity for this, I just thought that your advertising department might make use of it – Scholl Powder – whichever end is hurting!

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Abraham, satisfied customer.

8 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Scholl

  1. I’ve not yet suffered from Athlete’s tit but I’m a G cup and gravity and I have definitely fallen out, so it’s inevitable that it’ll happen soon. Thank you for the tip. snortle.



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