I talk to …

 - Also come in white & pink!
Oleander. Also come in white and pink!

Unlike poor Clint, I talk to everything and I get answers and listeners. This morning was a great example.  I love coming down here because the flora is different. We are surrounded by oleander, olive groves and almond trees. I don’t know if you have ever seen a “last year’s almond” but they are small black shrivelled things like mummified versions of the ones above.

Inspecting a tree today and congratulating it on this year’s crop, touching the velvet green fruit, I noticed that one of the old ones had legs. The converation went somethng like this (if you can imagine my interlocuter speaking like a ventriloquist’s dummy with teeth clenched)

“Hello. You aren’t an almond. You’re a bug.”

Olive trees just like here.
Olive trees just like here.

“No, no, I’m an almond. Honest.”

“Well if you are an old almond, how come you’ve got legs then?”

“Oh alright smartarse, I’m a bug, now push off!”

It’s small exchanges like this that makek my little world so lovely. I talk to the bugs …..

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