Twitter seems to be becoming a very fertile source for my blog these days. Such as….

Sally Cronin @sgc58 · 19h

Grande Finale http://wp.me/p2UwIj-Xe  via @ailsaabraham keep up everyone with this dynamo if you can!

I’m deeply flattered by this and the fact that Sally has asked me to appear on her blog Smorgasbord


I’m not a dynamo really. The days I rush around meeting myself coming back are the days when I have enough energy to get stuff done. They are just about equal to the days when I drip around like a dying house-plant.

Of course I've tried bribery!
Of course I’ve tried bribery!


Also, having nearly died so often, the first time at birth, it was 50/50 whether my twin brother or I copped it and he lost. Since then I have spent my entire life playing poker with The Grim Reaper. I’ve won so far; perhaps I feel I have to make the most of every day I get.


I won’t go into how many bits of me are missing or what dastardly tricks DEATH (Pratchett fans will understand this) has played on me. Suffice to say, I have the chips, he is still playing and I don’t intend to fold just yet.


So Dynamo is a huge compliment but maybe only partially true and if it is – well, it’s thanks to the guy with the sickle, or the Crone if you are otherwise inclined.


Artist unknown but many thanks.
Artist unknown but many thanks.


8 thoughts on “Dynamo?

  1. Well I’ll be blowed, listening to you is like reading my book ‘Nine Lives’ the one I haven’t quite finished writing yet. My leading character has a similar relationship with something she calls ‘The Joker’… It really was uncanny!
    I haven’t known you long, but I think ‘dynamo’ suits you very well!

  2. I think Dynamo does suit you particularly when you read the bits of story that you share with us. I think of the Grim Reaper as an opportunist, laid back and likes to pick off the weakest because he is lazy and spiteful. So you just have to keep making it difficult for him – its called survival instinct which you obviously have in Spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. ♦♦♦♦

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