The Natives are friendly

Strange behavior by the river today. On our usual walk with the dogs, we spotted several car-loads of folks on the other side of the river, with poles and assumed they were off on a ramble, so I waved. That’s what I do, see? I wave and say hello to people. I do it everywhere. Even on the Tube (underground, metro) I chat. Yes, sometimes I get a weird reaction but even the young lad wearing his baseball  cap the wrong way around and playing a game on his mobile phone was happy to show me how to play. I complimented him on how clever he was with it as my fat ole fingers wouldn’t move that quickly. He was a nice lad. We got on fine. I pretended I didn’t see the knife sticking out of his pocket and he never looked threatening at all.

Well these people this morning got all defensive. I’ve no idea why. One large lady waving and saying “Bonjour” isn’t that unusual…is it? They behaved as if they had been caught doing something wrong and tried to ignore me. I don’t much like being ignored. Eventually a rather pompous woman came to the water’s edge and asked me what I wanted.

I said “You’re not from around here are you?” which is pretty funny given my foreign accent. “We always say hello to everyone in this village. After all, a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.”


Someone wants to be friendly!

Hasty consultation and then they all lined up and waved back at me – it was a bit like an infant school Nativity play.

We waved back (again) and the dogs barked and then I fell about laughing.

Goodness knows what they would have done if I’d played my next favourite Underground game – Vertical Speed Dating – quick, find out the name of the person standing opposite you before the next station.  Yes, I did nearly get arrested for that but I left a lot of people grinning. All it takes is one eejit – just the one. And it’s always me. Reb 2 final

3 thoughts on “The Natives are friendly

  1. The more I read about and listen to you, the more I like the way you think, Ailsa. We are very similar I think, even down to the pagan side of things, which I feel passionately about. You have managed to do most of the things I wish I had gotten around to, and I wish you well.
    Thank you for making an old lady’s days more interesting!

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