50 shades of purple

I don’t do grey. I’m Bipolar. That means that life is technicolor or monochrome.

My favourite colour is purple. So I decided long ago that I wouldn’t do monochrome, like photographs of the Somme, I’d do shades of purple.

Most people wake up and think – is this a good idea?

I wake up and think – ahhhhhhhhhhhh this planet again. See – I’m an alien and I have to fit into human behaviour patterns.Mostly I try to make people laugh – you humans are so obsessed with being miserable… someone has to shake you out of it.

So tag on the end and join in the dance, this isn’t going to end soon …………

Come on, dance!
Come on, dance!

5 thoughts on “50 shades of purple

  1. Blue`s my favourite colour, Ailsa, I don`t have the energy to dance, and people like me because I make them laugh. I wish someone would make ME laugh…

  2. I must confess I like pink although I’ve always liked purple too. I’m not having a very good neck day, but I’ll try to dance without moving my neck!

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