No, it isn’t a new kind of deviant game (shame! shame!) It’s a writers’ game and I was delighted to receive this invitation on FB.
Frances Di Plino
I received this message from my author friend, David W RobinsonWIP-tease.

Post any paragraph from your work in progress, then tag three others.

Finding a not too shocking extract that also had context wasn’t easy, but I think most readers will get the gist of what’s going on from this.


“I shook Jason’s shoulder to wake him, expecting another snarl of defiance, but he barely moved. I suppose I might have gone a bit overboard with the tazer the night before, but he’d been harder to break than the others. I’d managed it in the end, though. The marks on his flesh would heal soon enough. I knew from experience, the marks on his mind would last a lifetime.”

Thanks for naming me, Frances, here is my extract from Book 3 of The Alchemy Trilogy. 

She admired the display, hugging it to her as I gently turned her around.

“You, My Lady, are going to upset a lot of apple-carts if you go around behaving like that. The staff aren’t used to calling the family by their first names. Gus will be very happy if you let him call you Lady Riga. He’ll call me Master Olly until my father dies and then I will be Your Grace.”

Her hand flew to her mouth.

“Oh have I upset him? I’m sorry, Iamo. I just don’t know the rules. I’m so hopeless at this aristocracy business. I knew where I was as a Black Shaman or even down at our house but I’m like a bull in a china shop here.”

I kissed the top of her head.

“Just follow my lead. They will be very confused if you do not play the game. They do and we all understand it. You will too. Oh and my mother would like to see you later, when you are both rested. She wants to have a little “girlie chat”, I believe it is called”

Riga’s mouth fell open. She had no need to speak as her wide eyes said it all.

“She has had a change of heart, beloved. Some good comes of all things. Her illness seems to have softened her more than I could have imagined. She hugged me.”

As Riga stepped back, my gaze fell on the bouquet she had been clutching to her belly. Half of it had turned black as if blighted by frost


See my post on FB to pick up on my tag-mates.









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