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On a more serious note today, we have all been appalled by the number of “celebrities” that we grew up thinking of as “great people” who have been convicted of paedophilia.

This whole subject is a minefield but with my usual “tin helmet on and sod the consequences” attitude, I’m going to tackle it. Anyone who has issues with this subject might want to stop reading now.

The perp doesn’t have to be famous because, believe me, in their home town, village etc, they are front-pagers overnight. The devastation that all of us feel today, finding that our childhood heroes were monsters, is exactly the feeling that entire populations get when nice Mr. A, father, uncle, scout leader, shopkeeper etc., turns out to be a child-molester.

I’ve witnessed this at first hand in my own locality and my thoughts turn first to the victims, obviously but then to the second line of victims. The perp’s family. The utterly innocent kin who honestly had no idea what was going on in that seemingly loving head of his. The wife who thought her husband was “just not into much” any more. The kids who have to face the fact that their own school friends were being abused by their father.

Mud is slung and it sticks. Stupid phrases and accusations are made. “They must have known”. Well, no if they had known they would have gone to the police, it is what any sane, sensible person would do, even if the perp is their own family.

It breaks everything apart. A universe implodes and usually the answer is for the innocent parties to move away and try to put the pieces back together to start a new life elsewhere.

In these cases there are two sets of victims and neither ever, ever gets over it.

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7 thoughts on “Local News.

  1. Extremely difficult subject. And of course, there are always the cases, both within a family and when the abuse is perpetrated on strangers, when the victim is not believed (sometimes even by members of their family), and those cases destroy the families even more if that is possible.

  2. Excellent point. It is one that’s crossed my mind, too. It’s bad enough that vast tracts of my childhood; the programmes, the songs, the entertainers, will never be seen again. But I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to be related to these people. And the size of the drama is always the same, regardless of the size of the name.



  3. Great article Ailsa – and this year has seen so many fall into this category that you almost dread tomorrow’s news to find another ‘icon’ in the dust. But if guilty then their reputation in tatters is as it should be and imprisonment with those less forgiving is a fitting punishment.

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